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Engineering & Design

  • Design Engineer

    Our client company is looking for a Design Engineer who has knowledge of clutch and brake design. This person should also be familiar with hydraulics, 3D Design, Inception-testing, and heavy design.

    Should have a BSME/MET.

    JOB CODE: 972691

    • Engineering Manager

      Our client company is looking for an Engineering Manager. This position has a lot of administrative duties to it and a lot of direct reports. Someone who is strong willed and can defuse potential problems is needed. This person must have a basic idea of design and lots of manufacturing experience.

      JOB CODE: 256377

      • Manufacturing Engineer

        Our client company is looking for a hands on Manufacturing Engineer to provide production support for the entire plant. This person must have knowledge of NC programming language. They must also have a statistical background and work with the Engineering, Marketing, Purchasing, and cell leaders to get products through manufacturing. They will create and analyze processes and select tooling and fixtures.

        This job requires a BSME/MET

        JOB CODE: 334121

      • Mechanical Engineer

        Our client company is looking for a Mechanical Engineer. This individual must work in an engineering team environment to provide a complete engineering packages required to manufacture and assemble precision die sets and other related systems/press equipment. Accuracy and efficiency are extremely important. The individual must possess strong communication skills,  efficient hard work habits and be self- motivated to succeed in an environment where engineering costs and schedules must be minimized for the company to be successful.

        Job Responsibilities:

        • Design of automated machinery and tooling
        • Produce complete assembly and detail drawings
        • Construct  Bills of Material electronically viz SmartTeam engineering software
        • Input and release of engineered components and assemblies to purchasing via IFS software
        • Maintain project related documents, records and files
        • Attend/participate in engineering/customer/ supplier meetings
        • Perform drawing/document revisions and/or   engineering change notices


        • Four year college degree with emphasis on Machine Design/ Mechanical Engineering
        • Experienced in 2D and AutoCAD  and/or 3D Solid Modeling software, Microsoft Office, Excel and Word
        • Experience working with Tool & Die Makers within a machine shop is a plus
        • Experience with automation, motion control and complex machine design is preferred
        • Minimum 2-5 years of Machine Design proficiency, preferably in Tool & Die/Metal Forming Industry.
        • Experienced in Electro-Mechanical Designs utilizing Rockwell/Allen-Bradley platform is desirable
        • Interfacing with shop floor assembly technicians to review design criteria/ specification, continuous improvement initiatives, and troubleshooting
        • SmartTeam experience is a plus

        JOB CODE: 506984

      • Packaging Engineer

        Our client company is looking for a  Packaging Engineer. This position requires a hands on approach and willingness to embrace design visions and often push beyond what might be considered the safe or familiar way of doing things. This person must understand part design and be able to effectively demonstrate working and manufacturable solutions using 3D Cad.


        • Reports to the VP of Manufacturing and Engineering on status of design projects and feasibility studies. Recognizes potential scheduling conflicts, budget overages and milestone delays and brings it to the VP’s attention.
        •  Defines and coordinates work activities with fellow internal and external team members. May direct activities of other engineers and outside vendors.
        • Organizes with VP and Internal Engineering staff mechanical design reviews in accordance with project milestones.
        • Prepares proposals, schedules, budgets, and product cost estimates
        • Works with customers, partners, internal teammates and external vendors to identify and develop welding and converting solutions for the worldwide industrial automated converting market
        • Develop innovative concepts, as needed to help support the sales of automated converting equipment
        • Establishing and maintaining relationships with key strategic vendors; working directly with vendors and internal engineering staff to support our mutual efforts, in growing the automated converting market
        • Active with hands on assistance in the building and completion of customers equipment
        • Attend trade shows/ seminars and visit with customers to keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry
        • Work within budget guidelines and time line requirements
        • Documents designs according to our internal customer documentation requirements
        • Design cost effective equipment through practical design methods, the the ease of manufacturability  in mind

        Must have a BSME or equivalent and 5+ years design experience with machinery and advanced processes.

        JOB CODE: 139832

        • Plant Engineer

          Our client company is looking for a Plant Engineer to plan, direct, and coordinate activities concerned with design, construction, modification, and maintenance of equipment and machinery in industrial plant by performing the following duties personally or through others.


          • Establishes standards and policies for installation, modification, quality control, testing, operation procedure, inspection, and maintenance of equipment, and oversees maintenance of plan buildings
          • Directs maintenance of equipment, and oversee maintenance of plant buildings and coordinates requirements for new designs, surveys, and maintenance schedules for equipment and machinery
          • Prepares bid sheets and contracts for construction and facilities acquisition
          • Test newly installed machines and equipment to ensure fulfillment of contract specifications
          • Develops and monitors equipment functions

          This person must have a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical, Industrial, or Electrical Engineering and a minimum of 5 years related experience.

          JOB CODE: 608397

          • Process Engineer

            Our client company is looking for a Process Engineer. This person will verify product setups, CAR  (casual analysis and resolution), investigate cause of nonconforming material, conduct capability studies, conduct trials on new formulas, and coordinates scale-ups.

            JOB CODE: 352125

            • Quality Engineer

              Our client company is looking for a Quality Engineer. This person will assist engineering with laboratory activities such as product material testing and equipment calibration programs. They will also analyze production data, perform certificate of analyses activities, perform process capability studies, coordinate or initiate reaction to findings and assist  in implementation of corrective action. Additionally the Quality Engineer will provide administrative assistance to Operations Manager; as well as the Quality, Engineering, Customer Service and Production departments as needed.

              JOB CODE: 685796

            • Senior Mechanical Engineer

              Our client company is looking for a Senior Mechanical Engineer. This person will be responsible for creating world class transformer/reactor designs, with the focus on safe and cost efficient mechanical structures. Activities will include the leadership of department designers, adoption and use of the AutoCad design and modeling tool, and the configuration of the design into the ERP system.


              • Establishment of sound mechanical engineering/design practices and product line features
              • Collaborate with other engineering personnel to create a common design philosophy
              • Lead the mechanical engineering department to assure effective use  of design resources and achievement of timelines in support of customer needs
              • Lead the migration from Pro-E to AutoCad based drafting/ modeling
              • Creation of mechanical design standards
              • Creation of cost effective product line structures and features
              • Lead cross functional design reviews
              • Processing of new designs and ECN’s in support of customer job orders
              • Build requisite bill of material and routings
              • Support internal customers, including shop personnel , with design/building assistance
              • Support external customers with requisite outline drawings and specifications
              • Department and subordinate support and performance evaluations
              • Other duties and responsibilities


              • This position requires experience with Inventor & Vault
              • A minimum of 10 years experience in mechanical engineering
              • BSME or BSEE

              JOB CODE: 007204

            • Tooling Engineer

              Our client company is looking for a Tooling Engineer.


              • Develop strip layouts for progressive dies
              • Quote all  new tooling and prototypes
              • Work directly with global tooling suppliers in die design and development
              • Provide prototypes for research and development to each customer and new model try-outs
              • Program manage all aspects of new model prototypes, tools and tooling samples for each customer required even to insure every customer requirement and timing is met
              • Negotiate terms and conditions for each new tooling supplier
              • Work directly with Assembly/ Weld Engineers to insure part quality throughout the entire work flow process
              • Negotiate pricing for all new model tooling and engineering changes that are outsourced to suppliers
              • Manage all aspects of engineering changes internal and external
              • Travel to customer  sites to select equipment, tooling & determine adaption to reduce floor space and resource requirements
              • Review Die designs for A class and B class surface dies
              • Design assembly fixtures and processes to reduce processing costs, reduce labor requirements, and increase throughput
              • Produce blanking, stamping, and assembly flowcharts and process sheets
              • Communicate between estimating sales, tooling, and production to ensure successful first time runs
              • Establish and maintain effective, professional relationships with internal and external customers
              • Manage engineering changes to tooling and assemblies
              • Assure quality and repeatability through the tooling, assembly process and fixture design


              JOB CODE: 298784

            • Technical Engineer

              Our client company is looking for a technical Engineer. This person would be based out of their home and be the liaison between the customer and engineering. This individual should have 2+ years of experience in tire development and applications engineering.

              JOB CODE: 918289


            • Assembly Supervisor

              Our client company is looking for an Assembly Supervisor. this person will be responsible to manage the shop floor employees who assemble, test, store and ship landing gear. Establish and/or ensure adherence of employees to plant policies and procedures. Responsible to ensure the production schedule, health and safety and quality of the landing gear is maintained to customer specifications. Establish and maintain community relations aswell as foster a well-trained and motivated staff.

              Essential Functions:

              • Direct and coordinate plant operations within company policies and procedures
              • Maintain a safe and clean assembly facility.
              • Responsible for the assembly shops production, quality and Health & Safety goals.
              • Confer with department heads to ensure coordination of purchasing, production, and shipping.
              • Responsible for establishing and resourcing the necessary manpower according to the load & capacity and scheduling needs to ensure all shift needs are met
              • Execute and develop the necessary maintenance plans for critical equipment
              • Schedule and conduct daily and weekly schedule and Key Performance Indicator meetings
              • Drive process change requests to implements to the current methods to produce various components and assemblies.


              JOB CODE: 756250

            • Buyer / Planner

              Our client company is looking for a  entry level Buyer/ Planner. This person does not need a ton of experience but a bachelors degree is required.

              JOB CODE: 666276

            • Converting Manager

              Our client company is looking for a Converting Manager.


              1. Plans, directs, and manages the operation to achieve operating goals and objectives consistent with plan and divisional objectives
              2. Identifies cost reduction and continuous improvement opportunities in support of Lean/Six Sigma efforts
              3. Identifies capital improvement projects for the operation and provides project management support
              4. Establishes department goals in the area of safety, quality, and productivity and employee development
              5. Ensures production operations are conducted in a safe clean working environment that complies with federal, state, and local laws and regulations
              6. Responsible to maintain inventories and expenditures within budgeted levels
              7. Overall responsibility for maintenance of equipment and coordinates maintenance  requirements to minimize operational impact
              8. Works effectively with all department management to resolve issues and coordinate efforts to achieve stated goals

              This person needs a 4 year degree in a related field with 3-5 years of managerial experience

              JOB CODE: 158363

            • Continuous Improvement Specialist

              Our client company is looking for a Continuous Improvement Specialist who has a familiarity with aerospace regulatory requirements.


              • The successful implementation of continuous or single-piece flow in a high-mix/ low volume manufacturing environment
              • Proven implementation of kanban to support internal flow lines and/or the supply chain that supports an internal flow line
              • Demonstrated successful utilization of heijunka in a high mix low volume environment to level flow
              • The general monitoring and measuring of business related metrics and the communication of performance through the use of powerpoint, excel, word, or visio, ect.
              • The utilization of SAP as an erp solution
              • A strong demonstration of problem solving skills, excellent personal and team organizational skills, and effective time management

              Required Experience:

              • A minimum of 5 years experience preferably from within the aerospace or automotive industries or a high technology/small batch product design/ manufacturing environment
              • A Bachelors degree in Mechanical , Industrial Engineering or equivalent

              JOB CODE: 209669

            • Continuous Improvement Manager

              Our client company is looking for a Continuous Improvement Manager.


              • Plans, coordinates, and directs quality control program designed to ensure continuous production of products consistent with established standards
              • Direct the activities of suppliers, production employees, and customers to resolve quality problems and continuously improve the level of quality
              •  Provides technical training and support to management and employees with regaurds to the plants product safety programs
              • Develop closed-loop quality system driven to reduce process variation and ensure plant compliance
              • Formulate and maintain quality control objectives and coordinates objectives with production procedures in cooperation with other plant managers and/or CI Organization to maximize product reliability and minimize costs
              • Develop and implement product quality plans and procedures by overseeing gauge requirements, frequency, responsibility and methods to ensure compliance to process and product specifications
              • Direct, through intermediate personnel,  workers engaged in inspection and testing activities to ensure quality control over raw materials and final products
              • Oversee chain of custody certification program
              • Plan, promote, organize training activities related to product quality and reliability
              • Work with raw material vendors on material specifications and process/track vendor complaints



              • 3-5 year experience in quality
              • Bachelors Degree in Business or related field

              JOB CODE: 859463

            • Equipment Repair Specialist

              Our client company is looking for a Equipment Repair Specialist. this person will be reporting to the Supervisor Maintenance and will posses the proper training and experience to perform routine and advance maintenance on CNC/NC machinery in a fast-paced industrial environment.


              • Performing the general analytical mechanical, electrical and preventative maintenance work on CNC/NC machine tools and related equipment as well as manually operated machining tools (i.e. lathes, mills, grinders).
              • Assemble, install, analyze, and repair CNC/NC machine tools and related equipment throughout the plant as well as manually operated machines
              • Read engineering, hydraulic, pneumatic and elementary electrical schematics and prints
              • Posses working knowledge of principles of various machines, machine tools, material and equipment
              • Comprehensive understanding of the principles of hydraulics and electronics and their correlation to and interface with automatic controls
              • Working knowledge of materials, stress and strains to properly and safely perform light rigging required on the job
              • Efficiently handle emergency repairs to service production and equipment
              • Ability to identify causes of defective operations or conditions and make necessary repairs to mitigate conditions
              • Ability to perform as an analytical repairman with general maintenance experience of equipment


              • A secondary certificate/ High School Diploma or equivalent combination of relevant education and work experience that will allow successful performance of job expectations
              • 5 years of relevant experience


              JOB CODE: 385668

            • Field Service Tech

              Our client company is looking for a Field Service Tech with an electrical background. They will repair and troubleshoot capital equipment PLC’s (AB, Siemens). There will be travel up to 80% both international and domestic.

              JOB CODE: 817348

            • Lead Planner

              We are looking for a Lead Planner. This person will be responsible to build and optimize the Materials Requirement Planning system, to ensure medium and long term forecast, demand and production planning are scheduled on-time and at the correct configuration.

              Essential Functions:

              • The management and maintenance of MRP systems for multiple locations
              • Participate with Program & Production Managers in strategic planning decisions and to create or re-align the production plans to meet sales forecast
              • Build the leve loaded Master Production Schedule plan
              • Run MRP on a weekly basis, validating that the purchase and planned orders are aligned to the demand
              • Perform capacity analysis of labor and equipment on medium and long term plans
              • Define and manage the parameters of the production plan (labor and equipment) to meet customer requirements including cellular organization, the size of lots, work centers, inventory policy execution, ect.
              • Responsible for developing reporting tools for demand vs forecast
              • Participate in configuration change board and ensure the incorporation point for the new Bill of material is incorporated at the correct date and aircraft
              • Develop communicate to various stakeholders the key performance indecators


              • Associates or Bachelors Degree
              • APIC’s certified

              JOB CODE: 224637

            • Maintenance Tech

              We are looking for a Maintenance Tech. This person will be responsible for maintenance on the entire facility. Strong electrical and mechanical skills are needed along with knowledge of PLC’s/ Electrical controls. Ideally this person will could out of plastics /extruding/compounding environment.

              JOB CODE: 234878

            • Maintenance Manager

              Our client company is looking for a Maintenance Manager.

              Responsibilities include :

              • Manage, lead, and perform all maintenance activities related to the repair, upkeep, operation and maintenance of manufacturing equipment and the facility
              • Manage and execute a preventative maintenance program
              • Manage and lead safe and efficient maintenance activities; follow, teach, and improve safety systems and procedures
              • Recommend equipment modifications and upgrades to improve reliability and efficiency


              JOB CODE: 293038

            • Materials Manager

              We are looking for a Materials Manager to oversee inventory control, planning, scheduling and shipping/receiving. This company makes large hydraulics cylinders used in capital equipment. the volumes are relatively small, but there is a complex mix of parts and manufacturing processes. This position is a key spot among the management staff.

              JOB CODE: 417934

            • Numerical Control Programmer

              Our client company is looking for a Numerical Control Programmer to perform various troubleshooting, diagnostic and repair functions while efficiently correcting operational malfunctions of varied systems in order to minimize production equipment down time.


              • Troubleshooting CNC machine tool alarms, faults and failures of the machine tool control and related  components. Tasks may include but not be limited to component testing, software installation and/or upgrade, component servicing and repair
              • Will be proficient in the use of analytical equipment and tools such as DVOM, Amp Meter, Oscilloscope, soldering, hand tools, ect.
              • Will be able to to read and understand schematics, technical drawings and ladder logic related to the individual pieces of equipment
              • Must display a background of working in this capacity as well as safely working near low and high voltage components as some work requires working with live circuits
              • Must display a strong knowledge of general production equipment as well as CNC and PC driven control systems
              • Will in some situations be working directly with machine tool mechanics to perform repair and diagnostic tasks


              This person must have an Associates degree in Electronics and a minimum of 4 years on job experience in troubleshooting and repair of CNC machine tools/ equipment.

              JOB CODE: 623980

            • Operational Excellence Manager

              We are looking for an Operational Excellence Manager. this person will support operational excellence data and analysis needs , preform data collection, validation, and basic analysis of project, operational, and financial data. This person will work closely with the operational project leaders to gather and analyze required project data, Also they will provide support in managing departmental program reporting.


              • Manages the operational Excellence analytical team
              • Supports the completion of project deliverables such as: interim and final reports, analyses and presentation of data
              • Collects and analyses process and performance data
              • Develops and maintains analysis models
              • Complies and prepares reports and analyses using a variety of software
              • Conducts basic research in support of department needs
              • Documents enterprise process
              • identifies and defines cost savings projects
              • Conducts financial analysis of process improvement projects
              • Support key Op Excellence enterprise activities
              • Represents the VCI – Operational Excellence group on profit improvement team
              • Network modeling and analysis ( build, edit, maintain, and report)

              Education and Experience:

              • BA/BS with an emphasis on management/ accounting with 2 – 5 years experience managing cost reduction in manufacturing, logistics, and administrative environment
              • Lean Six Sigma experience

              JOB CODE: 873308

            • Product Manager

              We are looking for both a senior and a junior Product Manager. These positions will maximize identified product sales to worldwide equipment markets while meeting corporate and divisional profit objectives. In addition, they must know the worldwide customer requirements for the identified products and applications and prioritize those requirements through product line planning for optimum long-term growth and profitability.


              • Plan,coordinate and execute product marketing strategies
              • Create sales support materials for all products
              • Manage entire product life-cycle
              • Product pricing development and management
              • Gather data and analyze competitive position
              • Create basic presentations to division personnel
              • Receives a moderate level of guidance and direction on complex matters. Works independently and receives minimal guidance on other assignments
              • May provide general guidance of train lower level support staff

              JOB CODE: 566988

            • Program Manager

              A client company of ours is looking for a Program Manager with experiences in the automotive industry.


              • Directs, coordinates and exercises functional authority for planning, organization, control, integration and completion of a large and important project or a program represented by a number of small projects with many complex features.
              • Works intimately with QA and Production to oversee new product launches with successful PPAP’s.
              • Plans & formulates engineering program and organizes projects and staff according to projects requirements.
              • Coordinates activities concerned with technical developments scheduling and resolving engineering design and test problems.
              •  Evaluates and approves design changes, specifications, and drawing releases.

              Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent in experience.

              JOB CODE: 020261

            • Project Manager Operational Excellence

              Looking for a Project Manager Operational Excellence. This person will be a Lean Six Sigma leader to facilitate the execution of high priority improvements across the enterprise. Collects, models and analyzes operational and financial data to identify and implement step change in business processes, production capability, productivity, flexibility, material and information flows and cost reductions. leads strategic projects utilizing continuous improvements methods such as lean six sigma to increase operating performance, reduce waste and delays, and promote cost reduction in transaction and production environments.  Plan, coordinate, facilitate and lead continuous improvement and Lean manufacturing events to streamline operations and deliver improved efficencies and operating results.


              • Drive cost reduction by value engineering current processes
              • Documents processes, to deliver improved value-added process designs.
              • Responsible for training, leading and supporting Lean Six Sigma problem solving teams in measuring , analyzing, improving and controlling processes critical to both customer satisfaction and profitability.
              • Lead projects employing cross functional teams to evaluate and recommend improvement production and distribution processes, procedures, layouts, material flows, work simplification and cost reduction.
              • Analyze, troubleshoot and identify root cause on identified systems.
              • Recommend the best methods of space, labor, material and equipment utilization
              • Work closely with business leadership in affected area to perform process analysis leading to production and operational improvements
              • Reviews and analyzes operational data, financial data and operating systems to make actionable recommendations
              • Manage and delivers projects on time, on budget and on target including those that require coordination of boundary management and multiple technical disciplines.
              • Develops project level business metrics, measurement tools and monitoring systems
              • Extends current business documentation practices, protocols, and guides to greater levels of effectiveness.
              • Lead and/or facilitate Kaizen events



              • A bachelors degree (preferred technical related)
              • Six Sigma Black Belt

              JOB CODE: 910423

            • Quality Tech

              Our client company is looking for a Quality Tech out of automotive. This person must have experience with PPAP, control plans, first article inspections, and a precision machining background.

              JOB CODE: 864033

              • Safety Coordinator

                Our client company is looking for a Safety Coordinator. This person will lead resources and activities in support of operations for all processes related to safety and product manufacturing including training and evaluation of employees. Provide process support in the set-up, operation, and continuous improvement of the manufacturing flow. perform all activities in support of company goals and objectives to ensure that company/customer requirements are achieved for Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost.


                1. participate on the company safety manual team. Participate and lead the company first aid team, hazard communication team, incident investigation team.
                2. Supervise resources to insure that work orders are completed on time to meet customer quality and delivery requirements per scheduled work center output requirements, priority dispatch lists and management priorities. Review, plan and adjust work schedules to meet requirements.
                3. Work closely with ME and quality focal to maintain, troubleshoot and analyze measurement data and impact changes to the manufacturing process to evaluate and recommend adjustments to achieve safety, quality, delivery and cost improvements with focus on meeting customer requirements at acceptable risk level.
                4. Provide training and perform all tasks to ensure statutory, regulatory, company policy and procedure requirements are met.
                5. Interface with all company functions to schedule and participate in safety audits. Issue work orders to appropriate functions based on findings.
                6. Initiate and support activities on existing processes with Engineering and Operations to improve safety, quality, delivery, and cost. utilize 5s and Lean techniques to drive continual improvement efforts, automation opportunities, and incorporation  of new technologies, improved ergonomics and reduction of scrap.
                7. Consult with Manufacturing/Engineering/Maintenance groups to ensure that safety is designed/ implemented into all equipment/ processes
                8. Utilize walk-about boards and participate in meetings in all work cells to facilitate communication, team training and ownership of the safety, quality, and delivery and cost metrics.


                Must have 3 years experience in manufacturing supervisory position.

                JOB CODE: 286915

              • Supply Chain Manager

                Our client company is looking for a Supply Chain Manager. This person will be a critical part of the Operational team, and will lead procurement and planning. The Supply Chain Manager will be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the uninterrupted supply of raw materials, parts and supplies in a growing organization, while maintaining on-time delivery and reducing material costs. This position requires a minimum of 5-10 years experiencing in managing a supply chain, including developing supplier alliances. sourcing raw materials/ finished goods and qualifying/ negotiating with suppliers. Must have a Bachelors degree.

                JOB CODE: 049235

              • Finance

              • Accounts Payable/ Receivable Associate

                Our client company is looking for an Accounts Payable/Receivable Associate. This person will be processing and preparing invoices, internal check requests, corporate credit cards and subcontractor exhibit C’s. Ensuring vendor filings are complete and received in a timely manner so payments can be issued without delay. Filings include IRS for W-9, certificates of insurance workers’ compensation/ employer’s liability coverage. Managing invoice processing against company’s commitment processing function to ensure invoices are paid according to contractual agreement. Handling payment process and issuing checks according to company’s standard monthly, weekly and daily payment cycles. Tracking insurance of subcontracts and ensuring company collects all required paperwork. Scanning and filing subcontracts and owner change order paperwork. Recording deposits in accounting software and maintaining deposit records. Completing daily bank cash reconciliations. Understanding company’s business (developers, contractors, and financial services) and how these requirements relate to payment of vendors across different lines of business.

                JOB CODE: 637910

              • Information Technology

                • Software Engineer

                  Looking for someone to work with a team to advance software products and services for the company. They must have a strong computer background to address technology decision, data management, scalability, security and user interface design.

                  JOB CODE: 166979

                • Senior Database Administrator

                  We are looking for a Senior Database Administrator of the Technology Services team will partner with cross functional teams both internally and externally to define, shape, and implement appropriate virtualization and high availability solutions for the company. This individual will also define a roadmap and work with executive leadership to communicate need and remove roadblocks to ensure the company is set for success.

                  JOB CODE: 359051

                • Sales, HR and Marketing

                  • Account Manager

                    We are looking for a Sales Account Manager. This person will be responsible for contacting new and existing customers to discuss their needs, and to explain how these needs could be met by specific products.


                    • Quotes prices or other bid specifications
                    • Emphasize product features based on analyses of customers needs and on technical knowledge of product capabilities and limitations
                    • Negotiate prices or terms of sales or service agreements
                    • Identify perspective customers by using business directories, following leads from existing clients, participating in organizations and clubs, and attending trade shows and conferences
                    • Prepare sales contracts for orders obtained, and submit orders for processing
                    •  Select the correct products or assist customers in making product selections, based on customers needs, product specifications, and applicable regulations.
                    • Prepare sales presentations or proposals to explain product specifications

                    JOB CODE: 301166

                  • Regional Sales Manager

                    We are looking for a Regional Sales Manager for one of our client companies. They will be responsible for delivering profitable growth through both direct and indirect channels to market, supporting and driving company objectives with accountability, and delighting the customer at every opportunity. This person needs at least 7 years of experience in packaging, manufacturing, or related industry or discipline, preferably someone out of injection molding plastics. A Bachelors Degree is also required.

                    JOB CODE: 807748

                  • Service Sales Representative

                    We are looking for a Service Sales Representative for one of our client companies. This person needs to be a drive,, results oriented sales person. A big part of this role will be cold calling C-level business and building owners to sell their mechanical, HVAC, and building maintenance services. This position requires outside sales experience in and environment selling “value added” service.

                    JOB CODE: 477461

                  • VP of Sales & Marketing

                    We are looking for an individual to fill the VP of Sales & Marketing position.

                    The individual will be expected to report directly to the owner. They will also manage 7 regional sales reps that are direct employees of the company. Additionally they will manage a Marketing Manager and a Sr. Distribution Sales Rep. They will be responsible for managing and helping to expand existing accounts and developing new accounts. This company primarily sells medical products/devices through distributors. The company sells to hospitals, medical centers, Urgent Care/ER centers, and private medical practices/doctors offices all in the USA.

                    JOB CODE: 360993