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Engineering & Design

  • CAD Designer

    Our client company is looking for a CAD Designer. This person must have a strong background in SOLIDWORKS. Knowledge and understanding of Key Creator, Pro-E, Uni-Graphics is a plus. Must be able to convert 2D print into 3D model.  Needs the ability to read blueprints, and to use measurement tools ( calipers, micrometers, ect.).

    JOB CODE: 845557

  • Design Engineering Manager

    Our client company is looking for a Design Engineering Manager to develop new and reverse engineered designs that meet customer expectations and company objectives.

    Essential Functions:

    1. Oversee reverse engineering projects for company’s engine parts.
    2. Direct the design process to ensure optimum manufacturability, assembly, function and longevity.
    3. Perform IP research on major reverse engineering product candidates and review with patent attorney.
    4. Provide or evaluate proposed solutions to solve reverse engineered product IP issues as required.
    5. Collaborate with vendors to design and develop products
    6. Direct the evaluation of vendor drawings to ensure product form , fit and function.
    7. Provide technical leadership and support to engineering and staff.
    8. Write engineering policies and procedures to ensure appropriate design control and substantiation.
    9. Train staff members in the reverse engineering technique, design control procedure, etc.
    10. Actively participate in all aspects of the design and development process.


    • BSME (Masters degree preferred) or equivalent and at least 10 years of experience
    • Ability to use 3D CAD software (Autodesk Inventor Preferred)
    • Solid understanding of GD&T


    JOB CODE: 370953

  • EHR Interface Implementation Engineer

    Our client company is looking for a EHR Interface Implementation Engineer. This person will be responsible for the implementation of EMR/EHR interfaces at client sites.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Interacts with clients to understand integration need, and provides required interface.
    • Responsible for the implementation of EMR/EHR interfaces at client sites.
    • Work and communicate independently with the clients implementation team on a regular basis.
    • Analyzes and documents customer requirements customer requirements and business workflow for integration implemented.
    • Tests and validates implemented interfaces based on customer requirements.
    • Assists sales team in explaining company’s interfaced mechanisms and details to the clients on presale conference calls.
    • Maintains and supports existing interfaces.
    • Follows project management mechanism to track EHR implementation process on a regular basis throughout the implementation.
    • Assists clients to setup network interface through necessary ports, ip addresses, VPN , ect.

    Desired Qualifications:

    • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or equivalent and 2-3 years of job-related experience
    • A minimum of 3-4 years of experience in HL7 interface development
    • Experience working with interface engines and clinical workflows or healthcare workflows
    • Knowledge of various healthcare applications
    • Hands on experience working with HL7 v2 messaging types such as ADT OBX and ORM
    • Detailed understanding of HL7 segments, fields and data types such as ADT,ORU, and ORM
    • Strong functional knowledge of and experience with and HL7 message validation tool like 7Edit or HL7 inspector
    • Knowledge of the various HL7 acknowledgement types and common industry practices when working with HL7 agreement.
    • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, C#, VB, etc.


    JOB CODE: 398639

  • Industrial Engineer

    Our client company is looking for an Industrial Engineer to manage energy change process and generate time studies and work flow maps.

    Essential Functions:

    • Develop workflow proposals and conduct studies pertaining to cost control, cost reduction and inventory control through the application of Lean Principles.
    • Investigate both physical and ERP material flow to ensure consistency and efficiency.
    • Conduct time studies and make suggestions for balancing labor.
    • Plan equipment layout, workflow, and accident prevention measures to maintain efficient and safe utilization of plant facilities.
    • Coordinate the implementation of approved ECAs within the manufacturing operation.
    • Analyzes and supports the design of value stream, including capability, capacity, throughput, work flow, and logistics.
    • Analyze, recommend, design and implement enhancements to existing work methods and product flow.
    • Facilitate design improvement suggestions and material flow to improve efficiency.

    *Must have a BSIE and 3-5 years of industrial experience.

    JOB CODE: 711828

  • Manufacturing Engineer

    Our client company is looking for a Manufacturing Engineer. This pis a hands-on engineering position that works closely with both the Production floor and Engineering Department staff. The primary purposes of this position are to: Analyze and recommend optimal cost-effective manufacturing processes and methods in accordance  with product specifications and quality standards.

    Essential Duties:

    • Research, design, and recommend improvements to the manufacturing processes, including workflow, assembly methods, equipment and machinery.
    • Design, develop, and test fixtures. Design, develop and implement automated product assembly and product testing equipment.
    • Prepare and maintain detailed layouts of production area, equipment, and machinery.
    • Leverage product knowledge to develop assembly training for new product and employees. Prepare and present training programs in conjunction with Production and Engineering staff, and evaluate related training results. Develop and maintain related work instructions within SolidWorks.
    • Work closely with Quality Systems to validate optimal production methods through conducting both Work In Progress testing and tactical troubleshooting.
    • Manage and maintain accurate and complete Bills of Materials in SolidWorks. Work with Procurement to maintain accurate ERP system Bills of Materials.
    • Review, update, implement any necessary changes, and execute the production equipment maintenance program.


    • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical, Manufacturing, or Industrial Engineering.
    • Certification in a 3D design package (SolidWorks preferred)
    • Lean Six Sigma or lean project management experience.


    JOB CODE: 220514

  • Mechanical Engineer

    Our client company is looking for a Mechanical Engineer to design complex mechanical and electromechanical switches, readouts and gauges for harsh environments. Must have a BSME and 5+ years of experience designing and testing mechanical components and assemblies. Additionally experience designing one or more of the following: molded plastic parts; stamped, cast, or extruded metal parts; springs. 3D modeling/ drafting experience (Siemens/Unigraphics preferred).

    JOB CODE: 575869

  • Process Engineer

    Our client company is looking for a Process Engineer to improve the plants overall equipment effectiveness.Responsibilities include developing capital budgets to ensure the continued operations of the facility.


    • Implement engineering changes and process improvement techniques
    • Lead weekly Kaizen team activity
    • Provide training and technical guidance  to all departments as it relates to process improvement, cost reduction training , and safety
    • Maintain technical documentation and software
    • Manage and coordinate plant improvement projects to achieve budgeted CI savings goals
    • Develop a solid working relationship with equipment vendors and production department personnel
    • Partner with mechanical and electrical group leader to accomplish process improvement maintenance activities
    • Provide guidance to all employees in department regarding quality, safety, maintenance, and safe operating procedures
    • Plan new equipment installation and plant layout revisions
    • Assures compliance with S & H laws dealing with ergonomics, toxicology, waste, water, and air by investigating new regulations and working with consultants, attorneys and other legislative and regulatory groups on legal and regulatory interpretations



    1. Bachelors Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or experience in a related field with 8-10 years of combines education/experience managing a plant maintenance operation
    2. Six sigma, TPM, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, RCFA, and 5s methodology
    3. Certified Six Sigma Black Belt


    JOB CODE: 701400

  • Quality Engineer

    Our client company is looking for a Quality Engineering. This position provides direction and leadership to R&D , Engineering, and Manufacturing in product use, problem solving , statistical techniques, and continuous improvement.

    1. Develop and implement and maintain quality inspection procedures for receipt and control of incoming materials, in-process materials and final product acceptance activities.
    2. Oversee the test instrument calibration [procedures and schedule.
    3. Identify quality assurance metrics; analyze and report trends to QA/RA management.
    4. Hold material review boards for nonconforming materials.
    5. Participate in the review of product requirements, design requirements, software requirement specification
    6. Take part in Risk Management activities and ensure compliance with standards and regulations.
    7. Assist in the failure investigation of product complaints and CAPA activities.
    8. Lead supplier quality discussions both internally and externally. Play lead role in resolving supplier non-conformances.
    9. Lead supplier audits to ensure conformity to product quality requirements and specifications.
    10. Lead quality assurance activities for new and modified components including first article inspections, inspection planning and material qualification activities.
    11. Lead and support efforts to improve supplier metrics and monitoring systems.
    12. Develop and implement statistically valid sampling plans, designed experiments, capability studies, SPC, trend analysis, etc.


    1. Bachelors Degree in an engineering field required
    2. Minimum of 3-5 years experience
    3. Thorough knowledge of FDA Quality System Requirements


    JOB CODE: 966263


  • Automation Technician

    We currently have an opening for a First Shift Automation Technician with one of our client companies.

    1. Maintain and improve mechanical and electrical automated production cells.
    2. Reduce cycle times through new technologies and improvements within the existing equipment.
    3. Create and design of new testing equipment required for maintaining quality of product.
    4. PLC troubleshooting / programming
    5. Maintaining of electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic systems.
    6. Replace faulty electrical components of machines such as relays, switches, motors, and positions sensing devices

    - Millwright or Electrical technologist or equivalent work experience and knowledge
    - Experience in the Automation industry, particularly having been involved with machine design/redesign, machine building and debugging, maintenance/repair (both mechanical and electrical), as well as basic familiarity with PLC programming
    -Pneumatic and electrical experience

    JOB CODE: 185211

  • Director of Quality

    We are looking for a Director of Quality to oversee two plants, two labs, one customer service center as well as ensuring supplier quality with import/export partners.


    • Manage relationships with key vendors, address quality issues and champion new product development.
    • Insure supplier development, supplier quality, and establish a strong supplier quality program. The supplier quality program will need to be for both domestic and foreign suppliers.
    • In conjunction with Engineering, establish and maintain a new product development quality process.
    • Develop and lead a high quality organization charged with ownership of product and process quality within the companys manufacturing sites.
    • Provide leadership and coaching  on the development of quality strategies for product families; assist team and key business partners in driving quality movements partners in driving quality improvements based on customer data.
    • Set business metrics for the team and provide performance feedback’ provide guidance to team on setting and achieving individual objectives aligned with team goals.
    • Ensure the balance of quality and other business objectives to drive success of business partner initiatives while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.
    • Incorporate the use of Lean/Six Sigma tools and methods in team activities and business problem solving.
    • Champion the development and deployment of quality and reliability engineering, promote analytical problem solving through sound statistical applications.
    • Expand the quality system infrastructure using ISO/QS/TS principles to ensure robust , reproducible, high quality manufacturing processes.
    • As a part of the executive team, advise on strategy from a quality perspective and assess what the business needs to do to drive revenue and brand forward.
    • Assess primary supplier and quality systems, identify and carry out key improvements and overhauls.
    • Establish relationship with professional vendors and ensure quality issues are addressed promptly.
    • Liaise with engineering to improve end-user experience as it relates to product and installation.
    •  Spearhead new product development along with engineering.
    • Synthesize raw data from customer service and return centers, processing end results to improve on product quality and advise on areas of investment.


    • Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering,electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, or business administration, or equivalent number of years experience
    • 10+ years of quality/process engineering with a minimum of 5 years of supervisory experience
    • Six Sigma Black Belt strongly preferred


    JOB CODE: 474884

  • Maintenance Manager

    We are looking for a Maintenance Manager to oversee a facility that has 185 employees that makes all of its products from start to finish.

    Job Functions:

    • Provide direct supervision, technical direction, administrative management, and leadership in the maintenance and engineering areas. Will have 3 direct reports and 13 union hourly indirect reports.
    • Responsible for the management of all equipment, site, and facility maintenance and utilities.
    • Manage plant-wide maintenance and capital program maximizing asses reliability, uptime, and cost effectiveness with available resources.
    • Manage plant environmental programs to ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations.
    • Provide long-range planning for the facility and equipment needs including capital and major repairs.
    • Develop, implement and oversee predictive, preventative and corrective maintenance programs.
    • Use other maintenance disciplines in the development and application of reliability engineering root-cause analysis and troubleshooting of equipment and processes.
    • Coach and develop training plans for all maintenance technicians
    • Manage storeroom and planner functions
    • Ensure plants compliance to 3rd party functional control / pre-requisite program requirements including HACCP, SQF, and other customer-mandated programs.

    Required Experience:

    1.  Bachelors degree in Engineering or related field and 5+ years maintenance experience including:

    - Computer maintenance management systems use and implementation (preferably SAP), Planning and Scheduling,                               Preventative /Predicative /Precision Machine, Central Stores Management, and Reliability Engineering


    JOB CODE: 706481

  • Operations Manager

    We are looking for an Operations Manager to oversee one of our client company’s Distribution Centers. This personal will be responsible for managing, directing and coordinating all warehouse production and systemic functions of their respective shift, including direct responsibility for shift associates, leads, and planners. The facility is a high volume and fast paced environment with 60 people on the shift.

    *Must have a Bachelors Degree

    JOB CODE: 351319

  • PCB Designer

    Our client company is looking for a PCB Designer. This position will entail close collaboration with design engineers to produce detailed layouts of rigid printed circuit boards as well as supporting documentation for production using CAD and CAE software.


    • Drive evolution of PCB design standards by keeping current on underlying PCB materials technology, fabrication, and assembly processes and their application to the company’s products.
    • Manage all PCB design electronic files
    • Create mechanical drawings as necessary for documentation and product development needs
    • Maintain technical coordination with engineering, test, suppliers, manufacturing, contract manufacturers, and quality to ensure cost effective design manufacturability
    • Conduct design feasibility studies to identify layout-related trade-offs on packaging, cost, manufacturing and system performance for engineering design team
    • Understand the company’s compliance requirements and work with design and compliance engineers to meet them
    • Perform complex and difficult CAD and CAE tasks requiring extensive skill and knowledge of equipment capabilities, applications techniques, and design limits


    • Minimum of 6 years’ experience in printed circuit board layout for volume production preferably with experience in high volume consumer electronics
    • Demonstrate record of producing high-quality printed circuit board designs
    • Experience with professional-level schematic capture, PCB layout, and 2D drafting packages.

    JOB CODE: 313165

  • Production Scheduler

    We are looking for a Production Scheduler to schedule and coordinate flow of work within or between departments of plant to expedite production. This person will review the master production schedule and work orders, establish priorities for specific customer orders, and revise schedule according to work order specifications, and evaluate availability or capability of workers, parts, materials, and equipment.

    Job Functions:

    • Manages daily production needs for the equipment over a 24-48 hour period.
    • Creates and maintains daily schedule to balance efficiencies and customer needs.
    • Schedules accordingly to corporate guidelines and inventory goals.
    • Maintains work in progress inventories to maintain a minimum inventory level.
    • Monitors slow moving material.
    • maintains raw material inventories to maximize inventory turns and remain operational.
    • Ensures scheduling meets shipping commitments to all customers.
    • Advises customer service of any unplanned delays in shipping commitments.
    • Confers with department supervisors to determine progress of work , to provide information on schedule changes, and to schedule preventative maintenance on equipment.
    • Reviews and communicates production commitments to shipping.
    •  Ensures plant’s compliance to 3rd party Functional Control / Pre-Requisite program requirements including: HACCP, SQF, and other customer-mandated programs.
    • Conducts annual training in HACCP, GMP’s, Food Defense, and Allergens


    1. Bachelors Degree in related field with 3-5 years of work experience in scheduling/planning role.
    2. 7-10 years of scheduling/planning in lieu of a degree.
    3. Familiarity with AIB/HACCP/SQF compliance standards

    JOB CODE: 233141

  • Production Supervisor

    Our client company is looking for a Second Shift Production Supervisor.


    • Organizes resources to ensure production requirements are met on a daily basis
    • Prepares daily production report from all work cells and prioritizes as required
    • Tracks, documents, and administers attendance and time tracking, discipline, accident investigations
    • Trains new employees as needed
    • Monitors work cells to ensure operators are maintaining quality throughout
    • Monitors mechanical failures of equipment and contacts required personnel
    • Ensures all work is preformed in a safe and efficient manner in compliance with company policy
    • Shows leadership to the workforce by display of decision making skills, motivational efforts, fairness and consistency so that employees are well aware of their performance and individual importance in the department

    Must be a High School graduate and have 5 years supervisory experience in a production environment.

    JOB CODE: 703791

  • Program Manager

    Our client company is looking for a Program Manager.

    Some Responsibilities include:

    • Directs, coordinates and exercises functional authority by planning, organization, control, integration and completion of a large and important project or a program recently represented by a number of small projects with many complex features.
    • Works intimately with QA and Productions to oversee new product launches with successful PPAPs.
    • Plans and formulates engineering program and organizes projects and staff according to project requirements.
    • Reviews new designs for the compliance with engineering principles, company standards, and customer specifications.
    • Coordinates activities concerned with technical developments scheduling and resolving engineering design and test problems.
    • Evaluates and improves design chances, specifications and drawing releases.



    • Experience with PPAP, APQP, FMEA, control plans, and GD&T.
    • Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent experience.
    • 5 years experience in all phases of engineering projects, past experience in leading and directing projects and the work of others.


    JOB CODE: 020261

  • Senior Product Manager

    Our client company is looking for a Sr. Product Manager.

    Essential Duties:

    • Plan, coordinate, and execute product marketing strategies.
    • Create sales support material for all products
    • Manage entire product life-cycle (concept to launch)
    • Product pricing development and management
    • Gather data and analyze competitive position
    • Create basic presentations to division personnel
    • Receives a moderate level of guidance and direction on complex matters. Works independently and receives minimal guidance on other assignments.
    • May provide general guidance or train lower level support staff.

    Bachelors degree required, Masters Degree preferred.

    JOB CODE: 249337

  • Tool & Die Maker

    We are looking for a Tool & Die Maker to design, build and repair molds to mass produce plastics components. This person will build precision mold components using conventional and numerically controlled metal-cutting machines and equipment, including saws, drills, grinders, lathes, mills, and electrical discharge machines.

    Job Duties:

    • Demonstrates confidence operating and maintaining a variety of conventional machine tools to cut, turn, mill, plane, drill, bore, and grind or otherwise shape work pieces to prescribed dimensions and finish
    • Fabricates and assembles components using hand tools to ensure completed tools, dies, jigs, or fixtures working properly
    • Uses precision measuring instruments such as vernier calipers and micrometers to check finished parts to make sure they measure up to specifications
    • Investigates and performs corrective measures to repair hot runner systems
    • Prepares work order inspection reports, interpreting areas of concern while referring to the bill of materials, standards and tolerance
    • Logs and maintains preventative maintenance documents in the tool binders

    Education or Experience:

    • Certified Mold Maker preferred
    • Plastics and injection molding experience
    • Environmental, Health & Safety experience
    • ISO 9001:200 Quality Management System experience preferred


    JOB CODE: 826091

  • Finance

    • Senior Accountant

      Our client company is looking for Senior Accountant. This person will be responsible for providing accurate and timely processing of all internal reports to assist the Finance Department in compiling financial statements and reports to top management.


      • Processing payroll, which includes the daily management of all hourly labor reporting, attendance records, and reconciling of the labor summaries to the payroll reports.
      • Oversee all AP and AR invoicing, which includes insuring the accuracy and timeliness of the invoices.
      • Collections and new customer/vendor set up.
      • Process and oversee all closing activities of the company.
      • Record and reconcile accruals and prepaids on a monthly basis.
      • Year end audit schedules and interfacing with outside auditors.
      • Evaluated current processes and implements improvements on a continual basis.


      1. Must have a 4 year degree in accounting and 5+ years of accounting experience in an industrial environment

      JOB CODE: 550308

    Information Technology

    • Business Analyst / Programmer

      Our client company is looking for a Business Analyst/ Programmer to analyze company functions, processes, and activities to improve computer-based business applications for the most effective use of money, materials, equipment, and people.


      • Utilize available computer system resources and personnel to carry out analysis to support managements quest for performance improvement.
      • Reviews and analyzes information, forecasts, methods, schedules, systems, processes, and procedures.
      • Determines most useful business solutions for the company.
      • Recommends alternative solutions to management as to courses of action that best meet the organizations goals.
      • Performs duties concerned with the design and improvement of computer-based business systems.
      • Works closely with senior managers to identify and solve a variety of computer-based business systems problems.
      • Analyzes requirements, procedures, and problems to automate processing or to improve existing business systems.
      • Confers with personnel of organizational units involved to analyze current operational procedures and identify problems.
      • Solicits from management symptoms of  problem, formally defines the problem, breaks problem into component parts, and gathers information about each of these parts from a variety of sources.


      JOB CODE: 828815

    • Software Developers

      We are looking for multiple Software Developers with either junior or mid level experience.

      Responsibilities include:

      • Full life cycle application development
      • Designing, coding and debugging applications in various software languages
      • Object-oriented Design and Analysis
      • Support, maintain and document software functionality
      • Evaluate and identify new technologies for implementation
      • Implement localization or globalization of software
      • Participate in functional and technical meetings throughout the development life cycle
      • Develop software user interfaces using internal tools and frameworks
      • Design test plans, scenarios, scripts, or procedures
      • Design or develop automated testing tools
      • Develop or specify standards and procedures to determine product quality and release readiness
      • Responsible for browser and server side test automation

      Computer skills:

      • Experience diagnosing, reporting, tracking and resolving quality issues
      • Experience developing and executing manual and automated test suites
      • Familiarity with QA tools and techniques, bug tracking systems, test design and execution
      • Experience working in a variety of programming languages and environments
      • Working knowledge of some or all of the following quality assurance methods: Unit, integration, regression, user interface automated testing
      • Experience testing web-based enterprise applications
      • Experience developing software with either C# and/or JAVA
      • Understanding of MS SQL Server
      • Knowledge of Object Oriented programming experience : C#, Java, HTML, XML, javascript SQL, JQuery, CSS, AJAX,XSL

      JOB CODE: 831299

    • Sales, HR and Marketing

      • Marketing Manager

        We are looking for a  Marketing Manager to analyze autonomously qualitative data, trends, strategies and competition aiming at increasing competitiveness.


        • Collect data on consumers, competitors and market place and consolidate information into actionable items, reports and presentations
        • Understand business objectives and design surveys to discover prospective customers’ preferences
        • Compile and analyze statistical data using modern and traditional methods to collect them
        • Perform valid and reliable SWOT analysis
        • Interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations
        • Catalogue findings to databases
        • Provide competitive analysis on various companies’ market offerings, identify market trends, pricing/business models, sales and methods of operation
        • Evaluate program methodology and key data to ensure that data on the releases are accurate and the angle of the release is correct
        • Remain fully informed on market trends, other parties researches and implement best practices


        • Proven market research analysis experience
        • Ability to interpret large amounts of data and to multi-task
        • Strong communication and presentation skills
        • Excellent knowledge of statistical packages (SPSS, SAS or similar), databases and MS Office
        • Search engines, web analytics and business research tools acumen
        • Familiarity with CRM programs
        • Adequate knowledge of data collection methods (polls, focus groups, surveys etc)
        • Working knowledge of data warehousing, modelling and mining
        • Strong analytical and critical thinking
        • BS degree in Statistics, Marketing or related field


        JOB CODE: 298143

      • Sales & Marketing Manager

        We are looking for a  Sales & Marketing Manager. This person is responsible for the strategic planning, sales growth, and customer service for the company. This is a Senior Management role responsible for determining the company goals and objectives.

        Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

        • Develops annual sales plan in support of organizational strategy and objectives
        • Recommends sales strategies for improvement based on market research and competitor analysis
        • Builds, develops and manages sales team capable of carrying out needed sales initiative

        Education and Experience:

        • Bachelors degree required
        • 10+ years sales management experience

        JOB CODE: 948726


      • Laboratory Manager

        We are currently looking for a Laboratory Manager. This person will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the lab and the direction of the Lab personnel.

        Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

        • Promote the abilities of the lab for new equipment, experimental and internal mixing.
        • Ensure the customers and prospects realize the performance potential of the company machinery.
        • Identify opportunities to enhance machinery designs to improve customer productivity and mix quality.
        • Support sales efforts by providing technical marketing information/assistance and through customer visits.
        • Assist engineering with the determination of optimal machinery specifications from trial lab data.
        • Provide process improvement recommendations to customers based on field testing and mix data.
        • Use industry contacts to assist the sales team in identifying new sales opportunities and markets for new and existing machinery and services.
        • Work in conjunction with sales and engineering for the preparation of technical presentations.
        • Coordinate in-house customer trials including material  preparation, data collection, data analysis, reporting and the determination of customer recommendations.
        • Ensure that the laboratory equipment, materials and chemicals are handled/ operated in a safe manner.

        Minimum Qualifications:

        1. Bachelors degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer science or related field
        2. Minimum of 5 years of compound or development work in rubber or elastomeric systems
        3. Experience in scientific methodology including data collection and reporting
        4. Experience in small and large scale processing environments
        5. Experience in dealing with customers, including trials, follow-up meetings and reporting
        6. Hands-on, practical and open-minded approach that welcomes collaboration and team involvement

        JOB CODE: 195628